Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Blog

Weelll, this isn't my first attempt at a blog on blogger, but this is going to actually be the first that I'm going to dedicate myself to; it will also be my first book blog. Just recently I've been getting back into the groove of reading constantly and have been posting reviews on Goodreads recently. However, I've always wanted to give book reviewing on this site a try, so I hope to come out with some sort of success (:

Books that I tend to review will vary from genres and types. A huge majority though will be young adult, though sometimes it will wonder into the adult section. Since we don't live by a bookstore in my town I will be relying on my library (the young adult section is ghastly ):  ) so I will more than likely be wondering into the much larger adult section every so often.

As for genres, I am a major softly and love to do romance, but I also have a very very wide horizon and will be doing a very vast majority of books. Action, Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Mystery, you name it (: .
Though this is a book blog I will be posting other things, such as the music reviews I do for a different magazine. Who knows! Maybe someone out there will hold some sort of interest.

Either way, thank you for welcoming me to the blogging world.


  1. Welcome to book reviewing! I started my blog at the end of June, and I can't believe I didn't do this before, I absolutely love it!
    I'd recommend you to visit NetGalley and set yourself up there as Book Blogger to get your hands on some amazing YA novels for the price of reviews, plus they're the newest too!

    I love NetGalley and use them for all my Harlequin books, and for my romantic suspence needs. Also look up some Virtual Book Tours to get set with free book for reviews, I really enjoy working with Bewitching Book Tours, if you want a recommendation. :)

    Stay in touch!


  2. Welcome to the book blogging world!

    I hope you find it as fun and enjoying and I do. Thank you for visiting my blog by the way! The library is a great way to start off getting books, that's what I've been doing half the time and I have been blogging for six months. Good blogger resources are and Another really good way to get out there and get to be a better blogger if you find yourself committed to blogging is to do the Big/little blogger sibling program: It is a great program that pairs older and newer bloggers to help the newer blogger grow. Though if you do find yourself in need of some quick help feel free to stop over at my blog if you want! Welcome and Happy reading!